Chronic Pain Management

When physical pain exceeds 3 months, we call it chronic pain. Initially chronic pain management helps you in reducing the pain to improve the quality of life.

A Comprehensive Assessment

Acute pain occurs after you get hurt. It gradually goes away with medication and other healing procedures. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain tends to come back and it’s not fully realized until the effect is too severe.

Our experienced healthcare providers conduct a rigorous assessment of your health to properly determine what’s causing the problem. Their goal is to educate and teach you how to manage your pain and increased your quality of life. During the diagnosis, they would want to know:

  • The intensity of the pain.
  • The frequency of your pain.
  • What relieves or worsens it.
  • The intensity of the pain.
  • Any history of illnesses or surgeries.

Holistic Approach with long term benefits

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