We’ll help you enhance the look of your breasts and abdomen so that you look amazing and live more confidently!

Mommy Makeover

This combined set of tailored operations is ideal for:

  • Women who have experienced changes to their breasts after pregnancy and / or breastfeeding
  • Women who have experienced changes to their abdomen and flanks
  • Other changes include deflated buttocks, excess skin and fat to the upper thighs

A “mommy makeover” is designed to address the changes that occur to the female body (and in particular the breasts and abdomen) during pregnancy and the post-pregnancy period. Each “mommy makeover” is designed to address each patient’s specific concerns and usually involves a breast procedure (either breast augmentation, breast lift or a combination) and a tummy tuck, with or without liposuction. Most patients that have combined operations will be required to have an overnight stay in the hospital. Dr. Platt will discuss the recovery process and establish a follow-up schedule with you.




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