From initiation of the project to post project completion services, Bryton Development Corp’s expertise lies in the following services and capabilities


  • Support our Clients in the process of site selection and the acquisition of land and securing the property.
  • Conduct due diligence before finalising the land purchase.

Project Feasibility

  • Provide advice to our clients through feasibility analysis based on market research/reports, assessment of financial, design and operational capacity and conduct a constructability review.
  • Produce initial budget and schedule and create the initial development proforma.

Project Management

  • Lead project planning for the client through the organization and selection of the development team/ liaison with Consultants.
  • Selection of design, engineering, construction, finance consultants.
  • Provide negotiation and assignment of contracts.
  • Facilitate agreements, carry out municipal approvals related to zoning & permits.
  • Coordinate the studies/ reports required for the design and development of the project.
  • Produce detailed capital and operating budgets, proformas with cost estimates and income projections.
  • Carry out site visits, review and track the progress of project, budget, schedule and prepare and provide periodic reports to the asset manager.
  • Prepare draws and review financial documents as part of the project accounting process.


  • Evaluate various designs and building program and communicate with the client.
  • Provide advisory in design guidelines in line with market research.
  • Provide guidelines and approvals to Architects, Engineers and interior designer on behalf of the client to maximise the value of the project and in line with the design program. Produce and manage design contracts and manage design processes for the client.
  • Evaluate design features and review design documents, review and approve finishes, fixtures and furniture selections.
  • Evaluate layouts, amenity spaces to align with the program plan.


  • Facilitate selection of qualified general contractors, prepare and facilitate execution of construction contracts and manage contractor performance.
  • Oversee preparation of construction documents (construction budgets) and carry out preparation & review of bid packages and facilitate assignment of construction tender awards.
  • Maintain the tender schedules in line with the project schedule.


  • Preparation of construction financing package, refinement of development budget and proforma.
  • Finalise and close project financing.
  • Manage loan reporting and administration.

Property management, maintenance, and lease out

  • Assess market conditions and develop marketing plan/strategy and identify and select listing brokers.
  • Oversea leasing and marketing efforts.